Danny Moorwood - Potter - New Zealand based lustre glaze specialist.

Danny Moorwood - Potter -   New Zealand based lustre glaze specialist.After 10 years of running a Studio / Gallery in Stuart St.and then around the corner in Castle St. opposite the Dunedin Railway Station, I have moved my studio to my home in Opoho, a suburb of Dunedin  Please contact me for a stockist in your area..

Lustre glazes

Lustre glazes are my current interest and I have been working on these for a number of years. The possibilities for surface texture and colour through the process of multi firing is vast. However,other styles of work also occupy my time.  Priority being good form with simple but effective decoration.
I am always pleased to hear from Potters where ever they may be situated, who may want to exchange information, or just make contact with someone in another part of the world.

Galleries that stock my work

Moray Gallery.  55 Princes St.    03 477 8060
The Artist Room.  2 Dowling St.  03 474 1111
Otago Art Society  Dunedin Railway Station  03 477 9465

The Eade Gallery  17A Holloway St.  Clyde.  03 449 3306
Wanaka Fine Art Gallery. 4Helwick St. Wanaka 0344 8960

N.Z. Academy of Fine Arts  1 Queens Wharf  04 499 8807
Van Helden Gallery.  13 Marine Drive. Days Bay.  04 562 8191

Atkins Gallery  34  Bridge St.  03 545 6010

 See more examples in the Image Gallery

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